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Do you miss that intense feeling of happiness and excitement when you just got together with your partner? LoveByte is created as a private space for you and your loved one to chat, share and store memories in a Timeline that only the two of you will see.

Spend more quality time together as LoveByte recommends interesting date ideas and things to do. You can easily choose from our list and send it to your loved one in the form of a scratch card, so as to keep your loved one in suspense on what kind of date you will suggest!

LoveByte’s unique customizable Timeline allows you to decide which important photos or notes to post as a milestone in your relationship, creating your own memory lane.

If expressing your thoughts directly to your loved one is just not your thing, Notes can also be used to leave a sweet message or to brainstorm for the next date activity!

You can also use Dates to remember special days like anniversaries and birthdays to avoid disappointments, or as a planner to plan your dates.

LoveByte is a must have for all couples - dating, engaged or married! LoveByte reminds you of all the reasons why you’re in love.

★★★ Key Features ★★★ ✔ Send a date invitation scratch card to your loved one! ✔ Private messaging feature between you and your loved one ✔ Customizable timeline ✔ Share memos to exchange sweet messages ✔ Dates to help remind you the special occasions ✔ Photo albums to record happy moments ✔ Passcode lock for privacy so friends can’t peep!

Download and stay loving with your loved one today!

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